Intelligence in a medical office

Automation and control are exactly what the doctor ordered. Savvy medical professionals are using Control4 to provide a better patient experience while improving efficiencies in the office, saving energy, streamlining communications and set-up, and controlling sensitive security areas.
•Relax and entertain patients by letting them select the music or movie they want to listen to or watch
•Automatically set lighting scenes for different procedures
•Set lights to turn off when patients or staff leave rooms to save on energy bills
•Use a single “good night” or “good morning” button to turn the building off or on and to keep energy bills low
•Turn every TV in the office on and off with one button
•Receive email alerts based on security-related actions. For example when a door or cabinet is opened, or the security system is triggered
•Use keypads to trigger nurse-calls, or to notify patient status within a room
•Lock the whole building in one touch