Tannoy speakers are designed and engineered in England and are available in a huge variety of styles and technological expertise. The name Tannoy has been synonymous with loudspeaker for over 75 years. Founded originally as the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company in 1926, Tannoy presides over one of the longest and most distinguished histories in the world of audio equipment.The professional audio arm of the business, is dedicated to bringing Tannoy’s wealth of engineering expertise, market knowledge and brand values to both the commercial install and performance audio sectors. Having entered the emerging contractor audio market in the early 1980’s and with a long history before that in the field of live PA systems, Tannoy Professional today holds true to a core ethos in striving to define the benchmark in the many segments of commercial loudspeaker design where the company is active. Among these, Tannoy has become a recognised leader in high performance commercial install audio as well as being a key player in the small and medium-scale sound reinforcement loudspeaker markets, with many highly successful product lines to be found in bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, music venues, theatres and theme parks the world over.


Tannoy Westminster GR space WESTMINSTER ROYAL GR
The most noteworthy accomplishment in the Prestige Gold Reference series is the Westminster Royal Gold Reference. This superb 530 liter compound horn loudspeaker is a genuine state-of-the-art craftsmanship, with a design that raises the benchmark for superior music reproduction. The new driver surpasses 18Hz to 27kHz in frequency with 99dB effectiveness and 700watt peak power handling. The massive Westminster Royal GR is carefully hand-made by Tannoy engineers and involves some of the finest sound components accessible today, each cabinet weighing nearly 140kg. The complex, compound horn outline and curved front baffle permit the 15in Dual to “breath” like no other Prestige model, delivering a truly real-world dynamics and musical integrity. The beautiful oiled-wood walnut veneer on panels and inlays radiate the magnificent class of bespoke furniture. The Westminster Royal GR is set to become a true Tannoy classic.
Tannoy Kingdom Royal KINGDOM ROYAL
The Kingdom Royal is Tannoy’s lead loudspeaker. The concept combines Tannoy’s many years of maintaining a leading role in speaker design with using the latest materials and designing innovation to convey a speaker of unrivaled acoustic performance. Its high quality structure is complimented with a truly elegant finish in an exceptionally contemporary development of Tannoy’s Prestige speaker range. Made in Tannoy’s UK factory to the absolute best designing and quality norms, each Kingdom Royal speaker weighs 120kg and comes with a hand-made wooden box for the accessories. For people who request the best and are searching for genuine no-trade off acoustic performance, the Kingdom Royal is the speaker by which all others will be judged.
Tannoy Canterbury CANTERBURY
The Canterbury Gold Reference is intended for people who request the power and energy of the 380mm (15.00″) Gold Reference Dual Concentric™ driver yet want a smaller speaker than the superb Westminster Royal GR. The new 15in Gold Reference driver is Tannoy’s most powerful and eloquent Dual to date, with 600 watts power and more than 96dB in peak sound levels. The timeless look of the oiled walnut finish and hand chosen burr walnut inlays is supplemented with gold metal trim. The Canterbury GR’s 15in Dual with its signature PepperPot WaveGuide™, Alnico motor framework and HF compression driver conveys a wonderfully powerful overall presentation with quick, accurate bass and a fluid and open midrange. The double variable dispersed port system and Tannoy’s signature High Frequency power switch gives great adaptability in room position and individual tuning. The timeless Tannoy design, cutting edge progresses in driver and crossover manufacturing and the finest British cabinetry make Gold Reference the finest advancement of the classic Tannoy Canterbury.
Tannoy Turnberry TURNBERRY
Passing on all the power and musical expression of the new Gold Reference Dual Concentric driver yet housed in a smaller cabinet, Turnberry GR brings Prestige performance to smaller rooms. This latest advancement of the 250 mm (10.00″) Dual brings a more exciting and compelling audio performance than its highly regarded forerunner. The high power crossover is hand-made, utilizing the finest parts and fully Deep Cryogenically Treated to enhance the structure of the conductor all through the circuit. The outcome is a rich and clear sound with momentous sound staging and the musicality of a genuine point source transducer. The Turnberry GR’s High Frequency power controls can tailor the listening experience without presenting any potential distortion than can result of using an amplifier’s “tone” controls. Equipped for taking care of top input power of up to 340 watts and presenting 91 dB efficiency, the Turnberry GR has the power and esteem of larger and more expensive speakers. Turnberry GR offers the bespoke cabinetry and wonderful performance of Tannoy’s Prestige series, yet costs no more than the typical mass produced speakers.
Tannoy Definition DEFINITION
Definition is an outstanding new range of audiophile loudspeakers from Tannoy. Designed to get the very best from stereo music in the home, Definition distils and refines Tannoy’s eight decades of loudspeaker expertise into a design of unrivalled performance value and stunning aesthetics. The three strong range features the very latest Tannoy Dual Concentric™ drivers with WideBand™ tweeter technology, innovative ply-wood cabinets and revolutionary Deep Cryogenically Treated crossovers. Capturing the fundamental dynamics of music yet majoring on the finest instrumental detail, Definition defines the art of sound.
Tannoy Stirling STIRLING
Stirling Gold Reference is the first venture into the legacy and performance of the Tannoy Prestige GR arrangement. This smaller floor standing speaker is rich with the ageless styling, bespoke cabinetry and the genuinely captivating performance from its new Dual Concentric Gold Reference driver, and offers unadulterated point source musical articulation and remarkable flow. The Stirling GR crossover advantages from across the board component updates including highest quality capacitors designed to Tannoy’s exacting specifications. The whole crossover board experiences Deep Cryogenic Treatment, a system Tannoy created for the leader Kingdom Royal project. This enhances the crystal structure not only of the segments and cabling on the hard-wired crossover board but all through the contacts and weld joints, prompting a smoother and more natural presentation. The Stirling GR cabinet is hand fabricated from the finest materials, guaranteeing that meticulousness and remarkable styling go as one.
Tannoy Precision PRECISION
Precision; a new luxury loudspeaker range from Tannoy, built to deliver music as it was meant to be heard. With audiophile features such as double-magnet drivers, hand-built crossovers and mass-load cabinet tuning, Precision has music at its heart and soul. Across two stunning floorstanding models, a compact stand-mount and matching centre channel speaker, Precision delivers breath-taking detail and musical dynamics. Built around a brand new 6 inch (150 mm) version of Tannoy’s world renowned Dual Concentric™ driver, the contemporary cabinets boast premium fit and finish in a choice of colours. Powerful, passionate and incredibly precise, Precision gets to the heart and soul of music like no other speaker in its class.